Parameters: Edit

Health: 560

Melee Attack: 110

UF Mercenary Squad (28)-0

Range Attack: 85

Trivia: Edit

Bellatrix, in which this heavy infantry appears to be a girl with lilac-colored hair, is one of the mercenary squad first released in Seasonal Festival Special Operation: Halloween. She wears green cloak, and had a skate board as her powerful but mobile weapon which she recklessly smashed it to her rivals on ground, but as a defensive shield which protects her as well. Apparently she had a gas-filter mask but she didn't use it. And to all players, it must be another heat for this pretty heavy infantry. Behold, her beauty might be alluring in this Halloween, but please don't be fooled by her pretty face as she could be a powerful one. Bellatrix is always ready to wipe the Hallowing monsters back to their grave!

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

Players can purchase 10 squads of 3rd class Bellatrix in the Necro Station Arsenal in the Special Operation: Halloween with 325 credits.

Players can purchase 15 squads of 3rd class Bellatrix in the Hyperion Orbital Station in the Special Operation: Fringe 2 with 10 Confederation Metals.

Upon purchase, 3rd class Bellatrix is at her maximum level, that is level 30, with no further upgrade.

Abilities: Edit

Mercenary: Deal increased damage to swarm monsters and logo robots

Turbo mode: Launched booster and spinning on her skate board, dealing 330 damage to surrounding enemies.

Firing from under cover: When in close quarters, Bellatrix uses her skateboard as her shield, decreasing the damage taken by long-range attack to 50%, and dealing damage to enemies on conical area.

Molotov Grenade: Deal 85 damage to an area, incendiary effect.