Parameters: Edit

Health: 290

UF Mercenary Squad (14)

Melee Attack: 25

Range Attack: 35

Trivia: Edit

Armed with brownish-clay color armor suit, Armadillo is a trust-worthy companion in assisting players in mission, especially those include eradicating swarm monsters. He possesses emerald hologram face mask and a powerful Fuel-use Artillery (FUA.) incendiary charges, which can readily put his enemies on deadly assault. He is tough with his power armor, which can allow him to sustain under fierce attack that reduces 50% damage from enemies.

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

This unit is no longer available after the update on 24th November, 2015.

Abilities: Edit

Bug killer: Deal increased damage to Swarm monsters.

Power Armor: Receive 50% less damage.

FUA. Incendiary Charges: Deal 70 damage (Range) and pierce through enemies.