Parameters: Edit

Health: 1600

Melee Attack: 100

Range Attack: 250

Trivia: Edit

UF Mercenary Squad (8)

Defiler actually has an unpopular face as his first appearance in the Special Operation: Nemesis, along with the villains Griffins. Although he is a nasty-look mercenaries, yet he is the deadliest one compare with Whirlwind 3rd Rank or Master of Meditation. He possess a humanoid, yet, a necrosis head. He is very tough and wear a greenish-blue armor suit and holding his acid spray as both of his melee and range weapon. His android and fearsome outlook enable him to perform excellent combat abilities. Moreover, his abilities: Corruption, is actually a summon ability for he summons a swarm monster to attack his enemies that reduces targets' resistance by 20%. Though his attacks may not cause enemies an instant fatal blow, but his mastery in using biochemical acid weaponry undoubtedly let his rivals suffer from a slow, yet torturing death.

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

Players can instantly obtain 10 Squads of Defiler as they complete the last stage of Special Operation Nemesis and unlock the last Storage in the asteroid belt. Additionally, in the same special operation, players can randomly get 3 Squads of Defiler by unlock the Nemesis chest with 100 Special Genetic data, whilst this randomized prize may have another option, that is 10 Orbital Strikes, instead of 3 Squads of Defiler. Upon obtaining Defiler, he has reached his maximum level, that is level 35, without any further upgrade.

Abilities: Edit

Elite mercenary: Deal increased damage to the Swarm's monsters, Logos robots, and mutants.

Power Armor: Take 50% less damage.

Acid Puddle: Forms an acid puddle under the enemies dealing 500 damage during 1.5 seconds.

Circular Move: When in close quarters, occasionally deal 200 damage in the forward sector.

Corruption: Every third ranged attack slows and lowers target's resistance by 20%.