Bagpipe small
  • Uses a range attack. The sharp needles of the Bagpipe penetrate even body armor.
Termite small
  • Termites of the Swarm are even capable of gnawing through concrete, but they do prefer organic matter.
Acid Bug
  • Highly concentrated acid flows in these bugs' bodies
  • Acid Explosion: Explodes after death, dealing 20 damage to all enemies around
Biodog small
  • Biodogs are inexhaustable and permanently hungry. Don't try to escape them!
  • Deadly Grip: Deals 50 damage. Melee Attack
Howler small
Howler (Boss)
  • Capable of dowsing the enemies with acid. Strong shell and powerful claws added.
  • Acid Puddle: Dorms an acid puddle under the enemies dealing 100 damage for 5 seconds.
Acid Bagpipe small
Acid Bagpipe
  • The toxic needles of this bagpipe cause unbearable suffering for the victim.
  • Poisonous Needles: Deals 88 damage for 8 seconds. Range attack.
Mantis small
  • The human DNA added to Mantises made them more dangerous than any Predator
  • Lacerated Wounds: Deals 30 damage for 5 seconds. Melee attack.