3rd Fleet Jackal
  • An errant knave capable of executing even the cruelest order.
  • Stimulant: Restores 50 health in an emergency.
Griffins Commander
3rd Fleet Pirate
  • A deserteur from the Space Infantry, who betrayed his friends for the sake of commanding the riff-raff
  • Grape-Shot: Causes 65 damage, reducing target protection from all attacks to 50%  for 5 seconds.
3rd Fleet Rat
  • A scoundrel and a traitr, who escaped from justice.
3rd Fleet Trasher
  • A ferocious animal turned into a real monster with the help of drugs.
  • Psychopath: When health is reduced to 30%, falls into a rage and begins to attack with a series of punches, causing 190 damage with each attack.
  • Combat Drugs: Occassionally uses Combat Drugs, reducing all damage to 50% and increasing attack by 50%.
3rd Fleet Harpy
  • Only the cruelty of the Harpies exceed their exceptional marksmanship.
  • Personal Shield: Activates a shield every 15 seconds, lasting for 5 seconds and partially absorbing damage
  • Sniper Shot: Carried out from a distance and causes 168 damage.
3rd Fleet Marauder
  • Jetpack and armor suit make him deadly.
  • Jetpack: Allows high speed movement.
  • EM Field Generator: Blocks 75% damage from range attacks.