Parameters: Edit

UF Mercenary Squad (33)

Health: 300

Melee Attack: 300

Range Attack: 0

Trivia: Edit

Never, ever, be fooled by this adorable yet deadly suicidal pigs. They are embodied with powerful bombs that denote readily upon approaching to their enemies. However, notice that one pig will only handle one enemies and moreover, since their health are rather limited, it is not recommended to use them at very beginning in case they die before reaching any strong enemies. So, it will be wiser to use these piggies when enemies are distracted and fighting with other squads. This will surely give them a decent but lethal surprise!

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

Players can obtain the Kamikaze Pigs Squad by using the Captain Luck Token in the jackpot. Upon getting the Kamikaze Pigs Squad, they are already at their maximum level, that is level 1, and cannot be further upgraded or purchased.

Abilities: Edit

Barbecue: Bomber Pigs do not perform any melee or range attacks. They quickly run up to the enemy and explode together with him. Deals 300 damage.