Parameters: Edit

UF Mercenary Squad (10)

Health: 950

Melee Attack: 100

Range Attack: 170

Trivia: Edit

Though the Storm Troop of the Sanctum: Superior Recruit of the Brotherhood, i.e. the Maker, is a humanoid soldier that is blue in color due to the empowerment of fusing an element beyond mankind's knowledge, the Eternum, into the solder in the "Super Solder Programme". Master of Mediation share no similarities with the Maker, yet, he is the predicted geriatric version of the Enlightened One (i.e. the advanced version of Novice), wearing white hood with orange ribbons, as well as grey beard, which symbolizes wisdom and experience. Also, the Master's eyes are glowing in lilac flash, which is also relevant to his ability: Meditation.

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

Once players finish the last mission of all main plot quests, i.e. The Mastermind from Episode 6 Natural Selection, players can get 5 squads of Master of Meditation. Master of Meditation is already at his maximum level (Level 35) and cannot be upgraded, nor could it be purchased as limit offer.

Abilities: Edit

Elite Mercenary: Deal increased damage to swarm monsters, logo robots and mutants

Concentrated Plasma: With absolute concentration, Master of Mediation transforms psionic energy into plasma blast capable for smashing right through enemies.

Meditation: In critical moments, Master of Meditation goes into deep Meditation state, using psionic energy for his own protection and restoring his health and the health of nearby allies to 40%.