Parameters: Edit

UF Mercenary Squad (53)

Health: 1950

Melee Attack: 180

Ranged Attack:0

Trivia: Edit

Never be deceived by her name's prefix "Robo-", actually she is the mother of Swarm monsters which shares maternal blood line to them. In the Special Operation 1st April 2016, she is determined to save her children and assemble them as a strong legion of swarm monster which takes avenge on Scarlett Ney. She is currently the strongest light infantry with the highest health point of 1950, as it might probably due to the fact that she possess a strong yellow coating.

Method to obtain the Squad: Edit

Players can obtain her in the April's Fool Arsenal with 20 LOL nano-chips. Upon purchasing R.O.B.O.T.I.C.K., she already reached the maximum level of 35 and can no longer be upgraded. The number of squad purchased is 5 and it is a one-time purchase.

Abilities: Edit

Elite Mercenary: Deal increased damage to swarm monsters, logo robots and mutants.

Kinetic Shield: Absorb 975 damage over 10 seconds.